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Strange Shit

The one thing I don’t like about Thomann

Every few months I need to make a certain hifi-related purchase. My retailer of choice for this is of course, hands down the best european retailer for audio, music and hifi-related stuff. Great selection, great prices, amazing service.

However, there is one thing about thomann that really drives me insane now that I experienced it several times.

Let me show you:

I did my order, a few days later I get my parcel which was sent free of shipping charges.


Wow, great, lets open it up:


Lot’s of filling material. So, let’s get rid of this and see what I ordered:


Two Shure N447-Needles for my Turntables, the packaging for each one being roughly the size of a large stamp.

Wanna see it again?


This is total madness and extremely bad for the environment. This  happened a few times to me (also with other orders) and I already wrote a mail to Thomann about it, but they did not even bother to answer. But this time I really had enough and thus decided to make this blog-post.

If you had similar experiences maybe you want to write them a mail (I’d recommend the frontdesk – or comment on their official facebook-page.


Ja, ist englisch, egal, bis zum Ende gucken. I am speechless.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Huh ?

Anscheinend ist mein Blog so toll das ich einfach kopiert werde … ?! Oder wie soll ich das hier bitte verstehen ? I iz confoozed.