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23. März 2007


“This is an age of anarchy in art, there is no authority, no standard, no sense of proportion. Anybody can do anything and call it “art” in the certain expectation of making a crowd of idiots stand and stare at him in gaping astonishment and admiration.”

Frederick Delius, britischer Komponist, 1920(!)

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  1. tba. | 25. März 2007 at 11:36 | Permalink

    “A man has rarely looked at a landscape,
    let us say, except to examine its possibilities for division into
    building lots, but he has seen a number of landscapes hanging in the
    parlor. And from them he has learned to think of a landscape as a rosy
    sunset, or as a country road with a church steeple and a silver moon.
    One day he goes to the country, and for hours he does not see a single
    landscape. Then the sun goes down looking rosy. At once he recognizes
    a landscape and exclaims that it is beautiful. But two days later,
    when he tries to recall what he saw, the odds are that he will
    remember chiefly some landscape in a parlor.”

    Walter Lippmann, US-amerikanischer Journalist, 1922

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