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16. November 2006


is the 16th of november. On this day in 1904 John Ambrose Fleming invented the Vacuum Tube. The vacuum tube makes possible electronics and early computers, and it is therefore considered a major advance over the Tube Full of Air.”

Uncyclopedia – wollt ich auch schon ewig mal posten. Unmengen von Schrott dabei, aber allein schon die Sektion “Wars” reicht für ein paar Abende.

1952-1956 – World War III: Reloaded

1972-1973 – World War I (released in the US as ‘World War II Alpha Zero vs. Capcom to cash in the success of the original World War II)

Mexican-Canadian War of 2118 – Still under construction

Awesome !
(This words-related article is a pile of crap.)

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